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Power Point Reviews

PowerPoint Summaries...

Essentials of Geometry:

     Points, Lines & Planes

     Segments & Rays

     Intersections of Lines & Planes

     Ruler Postulate


     Segment Length

     Midpoint Formula


     Angle Measures

     Congruent Angles

     Angle Addition Postulate

     Complementary & Supplementary Angles

     Complementary & Supplementary Angle Practice

     Angle Pairs

     Identifying Polygons

     Polygon Side Lengths

     Perimeter & Area of a Rectangle

     Missing Length of a Triangle

Reasoning and Proof:





     Conditional Statements



     Inductive & Deductive Reasoning


     Explanations vs Reasons

     Properties of Equality

     Two-Column Proofs


     Use Properties of Equality

     Multi Step Problems

     Right Angle Congruence

     Vertical Angle Congruence

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines:

     Parallel, Perpendicular & Skew

     Angle Relationships

     Identify Congruent Angles

     Alternate Interior Angle Theorem

     Corresponding Angles

     Proving Lines are Parallel

     Alternate Interior Angles Converse

     Slopes of Lines

     Identify Parallel Lines

     Draw Perpendicular Lines

     Roller Coaster Problem

     Equation of a Line

     Equation of a Line from a Graph

     Real World Problems Using Graphs

     Draw Conclusions: Angles

     Draw Conclusions: Parallel & Perpendicular Lines

     Distance Between Parallel Lines

Congruent Triangles:

     Classifying Triangles by Angles and Sides

     Finding Angle Measures

     Identifying Congruent Parts

     Prove Triangle Congruence

     Triangle Congruence

     SSS Congruence

     SSS Congruence Practice

     SSS Real World Problem

     SAS Congruence

     HL Congruence

     Identifying Congruent Triangles

     Flow Proof

     Using Congruent Triangles

     Congruent Triangles & Measurement

     Base Angles Theorem

     Measures in a Triangle

     Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles

     Identify Transformations



Triangle Relationships:

     Use the Midsegment Theorem to Find Lengths

     Midsegment Theorem

     Variable Coordinates

     Perpendicular Bisector

     Perpendicular Bisector: Point of Concurrency

     Angle Bisector

     Angle Bisector: Point of Concurrency


     Centroid: Point of Concurrency

     Side Length & Angle Measure Relationship

     Possible Side Lengths of a Triangle

     Multi Step Problems with Triangles

     Indirect Proof

     Converse of the Hinge Theorem


     Simplify Ratios

     Using Ratios to Find Dimensions

     Solve Proportions

     Proportions & Real World Problems

     Properties of Proportions

     Scaled Drawings